CITYWATER report: Water protection is worthwhile!

CBA_report_coverThe new CITYWATER report “Cost-benefit analysis of municipal water protection measures: Environmental benefits versus costs of implementation” is released. The report indicates that water protection at municipal level plays an important role in protection of the Baltic Sea. The cost-benefit analysis study assessed five water protection measures that have been implemented in municipalities in the Baltic Sea region: in Helsinki, Lahti, Liepaja, Pori and Turku.

In conclusion, water protection measures implemented at municipal level were found to play an important part in saving the Baltic Sea. The overall benefits of the measures exceeded the costs in a long term perspective. Single measures may provide remarkable nutrient reductions, but also various other benefits. For example, investments in wastewater treatment plants may provide not only nutrient load reductions but also energy savings. Also, natural solutions such as stormwater wetlands were found to make urban environments greener and to improve recreational opportunities, in addition to water purification.

The study report is available in English with summaries in Finnish, Estonian and Swedish. Download the report here.

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