Clean sea and economic growth discussed in Jurmala

How can Latvian local governments work more strategically with water management in order to spur economic growth? This was discussed on 17 March in Jurmala, Latvia in the seminar series “Restoring Waters in the Baltic Sea Region”.
Municipalities, businesses, NGOs, ministries and associations gathered at the event “Restoring Waters in the Baltic Sea Region: A Strategic Approach for Municipalities and Local Governments to Capture Economic and Environmental Benefits”. Two socio-economic reports highlighting the benefits of clean waters in this region were presented as well as case studies from municipalities and organsations in Latvia, Nordic countries and the United States. Emphasis was put on understanding the benefits that can be captured from clean water, including, improved quality of life, attractive destinations, opportunity for new business development, increased biodiversity and flood control, among others. The organizers of the event were Race for the Baltic and the Baltic Sea Challenge, and they offer support to the participants to create follow-up workshops and action plans, as requested.

In the event the Baltic Sea Challenge coordinator presented the network and the cost-benefit analysis method as a tool for water protection. The cost-benefit study is conducted within the CITYWATER project, read more here.