Gulf of Finland Year 2014 seminar

Time: 30 September 2014
Place: Lahti, Finland, Sibelius Hall

The seminar entitled “Cost-efficient protection of the Gulf of Finland” was organized as part of the Gulf of Finland Year 2014.The first part of the seminar dealt with cost-efficient methods to protect the Gulf of Finland (GoF), and the second part focused on new methods of monitoring. CITYWATER participated in order to give a presentation and to promote the BSC network.

Speakers at the seminar, to mention just a few, included Ms. Susanna Hietanen from the University of Helsinki who spoke about “Nutrient processes in the Gulf of Finland” (picture below); Mr. Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky from HELCOM whose topic was “Decrease of emissions according to the Baltic Sea Action Plan” (picture below in the middle) and Mr. Markku Ollikainen from the University of Helsinki who spoke about the theme “Economic approach to cost-efficient protection of the Gulf of Finland”. Welcoming words were held by for example Mr. Jukka Rantanen, from Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd and Mr. Felix Karmazinov from Vodokanal, St. Petersburg (picture below to the right).

Photo: Tina Nyfors

During the first part of the seminar, CITYWATER project expert Eliisa Punttila held a presentation about the results of the cost-benefit study that she was currently finalizing (picture below). The presentation was entitled “Cost-benefit analysis – a tool for finding cost-effective local water protection actions” and included an overview of the cost-benefit method; the studied cases and results of the study.

The seminar was concluded by a panel discussion entitled “The Gulf of Finland: modern monitoring techniques, efficient protection tools and cost-effective reduction of nutrient emissions today and tomorrow” (picture below). In the panel participated e.g. Mr. Kari Hyytiäinen, University of Helsinki; Ms. Marjukka Porvari, John Nurminen Foundation; Mr. Dmitry Troshenko, SUE Vodokanal of St. Petersburg; and Ms. Reet Ulm, Ministry of Environment of Estonia. The half-day seminar was followed by a lunch cruise at lake Vesijärvi. The seminar had simultaneous interpretation between English and Russian.

CITYWATER was represented at the seminar by the project experts Eliisa Punttila and Tina Nyfors. Also, the Baltic Sea Challenge (BSC) coordinator Lotta Ruokanen participated in the event.

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