Promoting the Baltic Sea Challenge

The Baltic Sea Challenge is an international network for saving the Baltic Sea. Focus is on concrete action at the local level. The initiative was launched in 2007 by the Mayors of Turku and Helsinki since they consider the state of the Baltic Sea as a question of competitiveness and welfare and wanted to do more for a healthier sea. Among the partners of the network are cities and municipalities, companies, universities and NGO:s.

Facilitating water protection

CITYWATER worked in close cooperation with the Baltic Sea Challenge network. The objective was to promote and facilitate water protection work and to demonstrate the Baltic Sea Challenge by spreading good examples in the Baltic Sea region. The geographical focus of CITYWATER was the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania where new actors were invited to join the Baltic Sea Challenge.

CITYWATER works with the Baltic Sea Challenge

The aims of reaching out to new actors in the Baltic States have been realized by arranging two large networking events for BSC partners, in Helsinki 2014 and in Tallinn 2015, and by participating in events arranged by others. The networking events were excellent platforms for cooperation, exchange if ideas and finding new partners for cooperation.

Results of the CITYWATER work with promoting the Baltic Sea Challenge network:

• 15 new partners joined the network and committed to Baltic Sea actions
• 2 partners updated their Baltic Sea commitments
• Arranged 2 networking events: Helsinki 2014 and Tallinn 2015
• Participated in 10 events organized by others
• Reached more than 700 people

The results as of the end of September 2015. The work was conducted by the City of Helsinki.

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CITYWATER working with BSC:
Tina Nyfors
+358 40 510 2192

Baltic Sea Challenge coordinators:
Lotta Ruokanen
+358 40 334 7078

Salla-Maria Lauttamäki
+358 40 556 5426